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Welcome to Neko Bellic’s: Gaia zOMG! site. This site will be holding everything you need to finish the whole multi-player game, zOMG! The list below is the navigation links to help you navigate this site much more faster, than looking at the pages on the side.

Getting started/Quests Walkthroughs

  1. How to get started with Gaia zOMG!
  2. What are Rings?
  3. Learning the basics in zOMG!
  4. Quest Walkthrough Page


  • Village Greens

  • Bill’s Ranch

  • Zen Garden


Quest 6: Destroy the Lawn Gnome Army

Quest 6: Destroy the Lawn Gnome Army

You have been given a task to destroy the “Lawn Gnomes” in their camps. Go to the northwest of Village Greens to kill them.

You have defeat all of the Catastrophe, Major Disaster and Major Tradegy.

When you defeated all 3 of them, head back to Commander Leon.

He asks you few questions. Reply with the first answer.

Commander Leon wants you to visit Remo for more help. Answer back with the first choice.

He gives you 2 orbs, 10 gold and a new ring! Leon hands you the “Bandage ring”! It allows you to heal yourself, and other Gaians. It’s part of the collection of healing.

This is the end of Quest 6. Continue reading the next post for the walkthrough of Quest 7.

Quest 5: Plans of the Gnomes

Quest 5: Plans of the Gnomes

You have been ordered to visit the guard, Clara. She can be found in Barton town, right near the South Gate. Follow the main path from Village Greens, north.

You are now redirected to Barton Town. Clara is located on the left side of the South Gate. Talk to her.

Clara asks a few question about you, and you tell her Leon sent you. You two discuss about the Lawn Gnome plan. Answer her with the first answer.

Clara tells you more about the “Animated”. She says that the “Lawn Gnomes” haven’t been the same since they were “animated”. Clara notices that the “Lawn Gnomes” have been creating patrols to mess the guards around. Reply her with the first answer that is given.

Head back to Commander Leon, and report everything from Clara. Reply to Commander Leon to the first answer reply that is given

Quest 5 has been completed, read the next post for the walkthrough of Quest 6.

Quest 4: Intercepting the Lawn Gnomes Plans

Quest 4: Intercepting the Lawn Gnomes Plans

You are still talking to Commander Leo, he will ask you some questions and you will need to answer them. Select only the 1st answers that is given. Then your next quest is to find the “Lawn Gnomes” with the blue hat.

You answer back with the first answer.

Commander Leo gives you 10 gold and 2 orbs. To find the “Lawn Gnome Courier”, just go to the path between the 2nd and 3rd lawn gnome camps. If you need a better picture, the “Lawn Gnome” should be walking on the path near the 2 “Pink Flamingos”.

When you find it, defeat it and go back to Commander Leo.

Commander Leo will discuss with you on the plans of the “Lawn Gnomes”. You find out that they are planning to attack Barton Town. Reply with the first answer.

Commander Leo now tells you to visit Clara, in Barton Town. She will discuss with you about the plan. Reply with the first answer that is given.

You can find Clara in Barton Town, she is right next to the South Gate. Talk to her, and return back to Leo with the details.

You will receive 10 gold and 2 orbs for the quest. This is the end of Quest 4. Read the next post for the walkthrough of Quest 5.

Quest 3: Cleaning up Village Greens

Quest 3: Cleaning up Village Greens

Walk over to Leo, and he will ask you if you want to take part of defeating the Lawn Gnomes. He wants you to search for the Lawn Gnome camps and destroy them. There are 3 of them you have to look out for. When your finished, report back to Commander Leo. He gives you 2 orbs and 20 gold.

Use your map to locate the 3 Lawn Gnomes. They will be marked as red flags. Go to the one nearest to you first.

Be careful, as you reach the camps, it will be populated with “Lawn Gnomes” and “Pink Flamingos”. Defeat them all. This is the first Lawn Gnome camps.

Go to the 2nd Lawn Gnome camp, it will be populated more with the “Lawn Gnomes” so please watch out.

The 3rd and last Lawn Gnome camp will be more populate with Lawn Gnomes. You might need to kill off the “Lawn Gnome Catastrophe” (which has a yellow cap).

When your finish, head back to Commander Leo. He will ask you several questions about the Lawn Gnomes.

You need to reply to Commander Leo with the following:

This is the end of Quest 3. Read the next post for Quest 4.

Quest 2: Rings and Null Chamber

Quest 2: Rings and Null Chamber

You are still talking to Commander Leo. He gives you orders to meet Elizabeth, who is near the South Gate.

After talking to him, you will be rewarded 40 coins from your last quest. Walk to the Northeast, and talk to Elizabeth.

Talk to Elizabeth, she will tell you to visit the Null Crystal, which is south of you. Her directions are to go inside the Null Crystal, and talk to Trixie to upgrade your ring. Elizabeth gives you 12 more orbs and 5 gold to get you started. Walk to the Null Crystal.

When you walk in, Trixie will start talking to you. She will ask you a few questions about who sent you. TIP: This is the ONLY room of the game, where you can upgrade your level. To upgrade your ring, have your inventory opened and click on your white bag. (It’s in the middle of the inventory.) On the top right, you will see a ring or rings in the boxes.

Select a ring, and on the right of the inventory, you get to choose to either upgrade it or downgrade the ring. You need the gun to be atleast a level of 2.0. The upgrade costs will be higher as you keep leveling up the ring.

When you are finish, go back to “Village Greens”. Walk into the crystal that goes to “Village Greens”. Then find Elizabeth again.

You will soon notice that your health has gone a bit higher, this time. It’s because, every time you upgrade a ring, your own level goes up by a bit.

Now walk over to Elizabeth, she will be talking about how easy it was to upgrade your ring.

She tells you to visit Leo again, and you receive 10 gold for the quest. This is the end of Quest 2. Go to the next post for the next walkthrough of Quest 3.

Quest 1: Training

Quest 1:

Since you just have started Gaia zOMG, you need to complete your first task. Help Leo open up that chest in the middle of the screen. To move: Use your mouse. Left-click on any open surface, and your character will be moving. Move close to the chest, and click on the chest.

You have received the “Guns, Guns, Guns” ring! Now walk to the left of the room to help Leo to kill the “OMG”s.  Use your mouse, and left-click on the enemy’s to kill them. (Your mouse will show a red target on the enemy if you hover over it.) It might take a while until you kill them all. When you kill the “Animated”, you can receive coins or orbs.

Once you have cleared all the 3 “OMG”s, a “Bigger OMG” will appear. Use your ring to defeat it. It might take a while. Do not die in this fight.

When you kill it, it will give you 2 Orbs. Follow Leo to the next room.

You will be redirected to “Village Greens”, Commander Leo will be talking about how you will be taking part of the zOMG community. He wants you to defeat: 5 “Pink Flamingos” and 5 “Lawn Gnomes. Go to the left of the room to spot the enemies. TIP: Be careful, the “Pink Flamingos” kick while the “Lawn Gnomes” bump into you. If you do get into a crowd of them, just run away from them. The farther away from them, they will not attack you no more.

TIP: If you need to recover your health or stamina, kneel down for a couple of seconds to regain.

When you have completed defeating the “Pink Flamingos” and the “Lawn Gnomes”, report to Commander Leo. If you do not know where he is, use your map on the top left. Search for the red flag.

Talk to Leo, and he will discuss more about the ring you have. You have completed part 1, of Quest 1! Read the next post for more walkthroughs…